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  • s03001

White pearl

A streamline of colourful flowers in the beauty of white.

  • M03002

Floral Bead Mantapa

A mantapa where flowers are arranged like a beads with various flower combinations

  • s03002

Hanging Garden

Mesmerizing combination of flowers and pearls in an elegant design.

  • M03003

Divine Mantapa

A traditional Mantapa with the combination of plantain and coconut leaves and assorted flowers and fruits.

  • s03003

Golden Lotus

A lovely combination of lotus with golden leaves.

  • M03004

Floral Temple

The petals of Rajanigandha flowers arranged in a temple structure.

  • s03004

Rose n Lush

A rich decorum of roses and ferns for a blissful wedding.

  • m03005

Modern Mantapa

A mantapa with the touch of modern flowers and authentic pillar structures.

  • s03005

Floral Pillar

Splendid pillar of flowers for your special day.


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